Why do people enjoy cosplay?

Why people like to cosplay.

Cosplay, which is short for Costume Play refers to the act of individuals dressing up in costumes to resemble a superhero, a video game character, a comic book character, or a movie character. The exploration of cosplay become popular around the same time anime and manga was also picking up in the market. Over the years, it is gaining more and more popularity to the extent that there is currently a television show on costume play.

This aspect is much more than just dressing up. The individuals who take their time to cosplay also get into character. Simply put, you can picture all your super heroes or childhood favorite characters being taken up seriously by individuals to the smallest detail. This is not restricted to a given age group. Anyone is welcome to fit in. it is all about passion.

Keep in mind that cosplay is not the same as live action roleplay (LARP). They may have the similarity of dressing up in costumes but live action role playing involves the incorporation of acting the role of the given character.

Any individual who is up to it can cosplay. Cosplayers can be found at any of the hundreds of comic conventions. These conventions allow cosplayers to showcase themselves at in front of fans who will recognize their characters. Some of the well known conventions include San Diego Comic Con and the New York Comic Con. The notion that this is a geek culture is out of context. You will find anyone at this conventions and not just geeks or nerds.

This aspect is found to be out of place or weird for some people. So, why do people cosplay? You can start by attending a comic convention at your neighborhood before venturing into the international conventions. Different people do it for different reasons. The following are reasons why individuals find reason to actively take on costume playing.

It is fun.

Costume play is just like any other hobby you may have. This is one of the major reasons individuals cosplay. It is fun to do it and people who love to do this may meet in conventions to express it. Others just get into costume to experience what others love. It provides an experience that is to remember. You do not have to worry about anything or anyone and the best part is that you just get into character and let it be.