Second Book in Bullies and Allies Series Is a Tear-Jerker and Self-Esteem Builder

The Goat Driver, James F. Johnson’s second installment in the Bullies and Allies series, picks up with fourteen-year-old Kyle Rickett being sent to live with his grandfather in Minnesota after a traumatic start to his summer in Washington State where a series of events has spiraled into a living nightmare for him. Kyle has been bullied at school, gaslighted by his own sister, and sexually molested by his dad’s best friend, who unfortunately, is Kyle’s doctor. Kyle’s family is in denial of the situation and seemingly unable to cope with Kyle’s accusing presence and their own guilt. Continue reading “Second Book in Bullies and Allies Series Is a Tear-Jerker and Self-Esteem Builder”

Winter Break The Top 10 Places To Visit

Winter vacation comes in many forms in Europe. In the polar north there is serious snow and sunless week while you will find the sun lingering in the mild Mediterranean, and cozy cafe culture and the spirit of Christmas in the middle. It’s an inspiring time to visit great metropolis and charming villages: with fewer queues you can fit more into your itinerary, and low-priced off-season accommodations make wallet-friendly travel. Through Europe’s rail network, you can explore the countries in your free time, getting to know the locals who deal with their daily business away from the hectic summer tourist season.

1. Rovaniemi, Finland

The handfuls of Christmas clich├ęs characterize Rovaniemi, the “official” residence of Santa Claus. Everyone’s favorite bearded man hangs in an atmospheric grotto of the Arctic Circle, and it’s free to visit (but the photos are another story). Snow and reindeer provide a festive spirit, while the Arktikum museum gives an idea of life in these latitudes. It is a nice place to be for winter vacation Continue reading “Winter Break The Top 10 Places To Visit”

What Is An Cosplay Costumes?

There’s no denying that anime characters are incredibly cute, beautiful, and handsome. Disproportional their facial features and body builds may be, they’re still magnificently good looking. In fact, it’s probably these imperfections that turn them into such good looking things. There are even times when they’re even more perfected than people both in their physique and face. And because of this, they often become objects of our adoration. And since imitation is the best form of flattery, there are people who just love to imitate anime characters… even going so far as to dress up as one. Dressing up as an anime character is what we call cosplaying.

However, you can’t just cosplay any time you want because people would think you were crazy. There’s a time and place for everything and for cosplaying; in the US it’s usually done during an anime convention while in Japan there are pockets of people that does them regularly in various cities or special cosplay cafes. Continue reading “What Is An Cosplay Costumes?”