How to Prepare for a Comic Con

So I am preparing for an upcoming con in Baltimore, MD called otakon and the first thing i want to do is find the list of amazing cosplays that I want to go as for this convention. First things first, what do i need. Well for all of you pricey people like me, I try to find the nicest site with the most amazeballs people who can make my cosplay and ship it a month in advance prior to the cons I want to go to, so i can make a few edits and also additions to the cosplay. Like for example, The picture here is Sabo from “One Piece”, and someone from Devianart or whatever site I got this from made him very Steampunk and I love it. So I’m gonna go as him and since I’m caught up with the show via Anime vs. Manga, I’m gonna have spoilers throughout this so prepare yourself cause there are people out there who are stupid enough to spoil the entire anime itself.

So anyways What you do is find the cosplay you want and then of course find out if others are selling it for a fairer price, some will ask for too much but some will ask for a price, with the same material, that’s very much into your price range. Also be prepared to have leftover money to do some retouching or revamping on the cosplay. you never know what your gonna need to get it done.

Secondly, Find the persons rating. Ratings tell you all about the sellers bio and what level of a committment he/she will have with the product he sends. Make sure your seller is a good seller and keeps you up to date on the product you buy and make sure his rating is a good rating. Bad ones have a tendency to either send you the wrong stuff, or take your money and leave you hanging. Always check the persons Bio

Lastly, be prepared. When buying a cosplay or merch from a seller, you have to make sure you saved enough for the cosplay otherwise you could be like me who has like 4-5 overdrafts fee’s for cosplay purchases. And with PayPal’s pay after delivery service, you never know if your product will qualify with the transaction.